The next generation of smart home devices
The iHouse Project
"We are ready to bring the future to you with a very practical, intuitive and super easy to use system that takes the concept of Smart Home & Automation to a whole new level."
- Pulsar Technologies
As a remote
Compatible with your existing technologies
TVs, AC, Home Cinema, anything with IR
Zigbee enabled
Convert your things into Smart Devices
Turn your normal TV into a Smart TV by giving voice commands and by controling it from smartphone
Connect your things to Internet
Allows remote control from your smartphone to your things through internet.
Works with...
Philips Hue Family
Wireless Switches
Furniture Mechanisms (like lift furniture, drop-down TV lifts)
Music streamer
Allows remote control and audio streaming from the main server to your speakers
You can set schedules to turn off the lights automatically overnight, or let the sensors control your devices
As your personal watchdog and assistant
Live feed from wireless sensors
Alarm manager
Forgot your electric hob with boiling pots on it? iHouse will remind you and suggest to turn off the hob.
Home surveillance
See what's happening in case of one of your sensors detects some motion while you're outside.
Connect even more
With iHouse, you will be able soon to connect your own things, like Air Conditioning with sensors, in order to control them automatically.
Hardware components
The main server
1.2 GHz Quad Core processor
5 MP surveillance camera
16 GB Internal memory
Wireless embedded technologies
Wireless HA 2.4
433 MHz radio
Temperature + Humidity Sensor
16 MHz AVR processor
Highly accurate temperature sensor
Highly accurate humidity sensor
Wireless embedded technologies
Wireless HA 2.4
Infrared smart remote
3 powerful infrared LEDs
16 MHz AVR processor
Supports Samsung and Sony devices
Wireless embedded technologies
Wireless HA 2.4
Wireless up-down modules for lift furniture, garage doors
16 MHz AVR processor
3 pins for bidirectional control
3 input pins for manual control
Wireless embedded technologies
Wireless HA 2.4
Wireless impulse modules for gates
Coming soon
WiFi smart remote (coming soon)
Coming soon
Thermostat (coming soon)
Coming soon
All the software is free
iHouse server suite
Android/iOS app
Integration with Active Desktop (Windows)
Peripheral device firmware
iHouse configurations & pricing
iHouse starter kit - 299 €
Central hub (with all wireless technologies included)
One temperature + humidity wireless sensor
One wireless infrared universal remote
One Philips Hue White smartbulb
One wireless light switch (1-Gang, EU standard)
Optional lift furniture controller - 59 €
One wireless, 3-pin module for lift furniture
Everything starts from here